04 January 2010

The Little Post Office (1:24 scale)

The Little Post Office, one of my 2009 birthday presents. It was made by Fiona Broadwood from Petite Properties, and is fully decorated inside and out - which makes a change because I tend to make everything from kits or from scratch!

When Mum asked me the annual question - "What do you want for Xmas/your birthday?" I couldn't think of what I wanted/needed, so I went looking and found this building. I'd wanted to buy a Petite Properties building for a while, but could never decide which sort I liked best. I'd wanted a cottage or a shop/flat type building, but when I saw The Little Post Office I knew this was the one!

I'm planning to make a counter for the Post Office on the ground floor, and an office on the first floor.

I've had the 1:24 scale Mini for ages, and was originally going to "park" it outside the cottage, but I think it looks better with the Post Office. The black bicycle is a new purchase, bought especially to go outside the post office.


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