07 April 2010

Mini Rag Dolls

Haven't posted on this blog for ages - and that's because I haven't actually made anything for ages!

Thought I'd do something simple over the Easter long weekend. I thought I could make, say, 12 of these little (4") dolls ... but it took me three days to make these 5!

First I tried to sew them on the sewing machine, but I was having a hard time keeping close to the traced lines on the felt, so I sewed them up by hand instead.

I embroidered the features - French knots for the eyes and straight stitches for the nose and mouth. The hair is embroidery thread. I tried to use the cheap stuff, but run out of that and had to use DMC for the fifth doll.

These dolls were made to display (as toys) with my 10.5" Heidi Plusczok dolls.

Some of the members of the HP Yahoo! Group asked me if I was going to sell them. I would like to, but they take so long to make ... Maybe I can make a few here and there, and when I have enough I could offer them for sale. Wish I could find a thin yarn to use for the hair instead, because I have to use a whole skein of embroidery thread!


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