30 May 2010

Cotton Wool Bag

I made this little bag to keep cotton wool in. I was fed up of the tatty plastic bag the cotton wool came in.

I think the sheep looks perfect on the front of the bag .... of course I know cotton wool doesn't come from sheep!!

I sewed up the bag on the sewing machine, so it went together very quickly. I was going upstairs to Ang's to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, and I needed to add the drawstring, so I took the bag and some ribbon. But the ribbon was too narrow, so I had to come back for my box of ribbons - and this one was just right.

I got the pattern for the bag from the Internet, but in the end I simplified it by turning down the top and cutting slits on the sides to insert the ribbon. The pattern had instructions for making casings, but that was too much work, and I wanted to finish it quickly!