02 August 2010

A Kitten's Tale BOM

These are the patterns and fabrics for the A Kitten's Tale BOM, designed by Lynette Anderson. I've printed out the applique pieces on freezer paper now and would love to start on this project ... but it's so hot at the moment, and I can't do anything. It always annoys me - I have all this extra time during summer hours (when I'm home by 3.00 pm), but it's always so hot that I spend the time sitting in front of the fan, sweating and wishing that summer was over! If I had it my way I would have summer hours in the winter instead!!

So I have plenty to get on with during the cooler months. It's frustrating then that when it does start to cool down, soon after it also gets darker earlier in the day, and before I know it, by the time I get home I have to close the shutters and turn the lights on!

OK, that's enough grumbling for one day ...


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