01 June 2012


I made two more mice at lunchtime today - one for Cody and one for Tigger.  I bought some cord on Wednesday to use for the tails.  I didn't add a bell in the nose this time ...  Cody played with his for a bit ... but mostly ignored it after that.  Mum says Tigger went crazy and spent ages playing with his - must be the catnip!

28 May 2012

Mouse (Rat?) Cat Toy

Another present for the kitten!  Made this in a couple of hours this afternoon.  There's a bell inside the nose end, and a pouch of catnip.

The fake fur fabric I bought in John Lewis when I was last in London, and the cord for the tail is recycled (though I can't remember where/what from!)

21 May 2012

New Kitten Card - 21 May 2012

Made a card to go with the presents for the new kitten.  

Used several papers which came free in a papercrafts magazine, a scrapbooking sticker ("NEW ARRIVAL") and a picture of a cat I printed from the Internet.  I re-coloured the kitten with an orange pencil ...  

20 May 2012

Cat Blanket


This is a blanket I knitted for Angelique's new kitten.  It's about 14" square, and in denim blue Aran.  The yarn is nice to knit with, but if you try to iron it without a cloth over it, it burns! It's slightly scorched, but it doesn't show too much!!

This is a pattern I've knitted lots of times, in several sizes.  It takes just a coupe of days to knit.