23 July 2013

Pinwheel Throw

Ages since my last post ... but that's because I haven't been very creative of late!  But I've been busy cutting and tacking triangles for a new pinwheel throw.  

The intention is to take my kit into work so I have something to do during my lunch breaks.  I've given up on taking my Kindle because I can't concentrate with people chattering around me.  There's over a month left of summer hours though, so I guess I may start connecting triangles, at home, before then.

The patterned fabric is by Moda.

The cream fabric is linen.

This is the kit I'm taking to work.  I've got a tin full of triangles (144 cream, 144 patterned) and all the bits and pieces I need to sew my triangles into a quilt!  I'm not working from a pattern, so I'll have to play it by ear.  Hope to finish this one ...  (Huh - where have I heard that before?!)