07 June 2015

Pinwheel Throw

This is the throw I was making during my lunch hours at work.  But then we had our working hours changed, and we only have 20 minutes for lunch, so I eventually brought the "kit" home.

It was a lot of "fun" trying to stitch with a new kitten around ...  Plus I now have to take my glasses off to see the stitching!!  But I managed to finish sewing up the pinwheels, and now I have to quilt it (on my new - 2014 - sewing/quilting Brother!) and use it.

I didn't realise that I would end up with all the bulky folds in the centre of each pinwheel, so it doesn't look 100% great, and it was very difficult to stitch right into the corners of each piece ...  But if it doesn't fix it when I do the quilting, I'm thinking of adding buttons to each centre of the pinwheels - it would actually look more like real pinwheels too.

Here is a a picture of the completed throw top.  (It doesn't look at all bad ...)


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