07 June 2015

Pinwheel Throw

This is the throw I was making during my lunch hours at work.  But then we had our working hours changed, and we only have 20 minutes for lunch, so I eventually brought the "kit" home.

It was a lot of "fun" trying to stitch with a new kitten around ...  Plus I now have to take my glasses off to see the stitching!!  But I managed to finish sewing up the pinwheels, and now I have to quilt it (on my new - 2014 - sewing/quilting Brother!) and use it.

I didn't realise that I would end up with all the bulky folds in the centre of each pinwheel, so it doesn't look 100% great, and it was very difficult to stitch right into the corners of each piece ...  But if it doesn't fix it when I do the quilting, I'm thinking of adding buttons to each centre of the pinwheels - it would actually look more like real pinwheels too.

Here is a a picture of the completed throw top.  (It doesn't look at all bad ...)

23 July 2013

Pinwheel Throw

Ages since my last post ... but that's because I haven't been very creative of late!  But I've been busy cutting and tacking triangles for a new pinwheel throw.  

The intention is to take my kit into work so I have something to do during my lunch breaks.  I've given up on taking my Kindle because I can't concentrate with people chattering around me.  There's over a month left of summer hours though, so I guess I may start connecting triangles, at home, before then.

The patterned fabric is by Moda.

The cream fabric is linen.

This is the kit I'm taking to work.  I've got a tin full of triangles (144 cream, 144 patterned) and all the bits and pieces I need to sew my triangles into a quilt!  I'm not working from a pattern, so I'll have to play it by ear.  Hope to finish this one ...  (Huh - where have I heard that before?!)

01 June 2012


I made two more mice at lunchtime today - one for Cody and one for Tigger.  I bought some cord on Wednesday to use for the tails.  I didn't add a bell in the nose this time ...  Cody played with his for a bit ... but mostly ignored it after that.  Mum says Tigger went crazy and spent ages playing with his - must be the catnip!

28 May 2012

Mouse (Rat?) Cat Toy

Another present for the kitten!  Made this in a couple of hours this afternoon.  There's a bell inside the nose end, and a pouch of catnip.

The fake fur fabric I bought in John Lewis when I was last in London, and the cord for the tail is recycled (though I can't remember where/what from!)

21 May 2012

New Kitten Card - 21 May 2012

Made a card to go with the presents for the new kitten.  

Used several papers which came free in a papercrafts magazine, a scrapbooking sticker ("NEW ARRIVAL") and a picture of a cat I printed from the Internet.  I re-coloured the kitten with an orange pencil ...  

20 May 2012

Cat Blanket


This is a blanket I knitted for Angelique's new kitten.  It's about 14" square, and in denim blue Aran.  The yarn is nice to knit with, but if you try to iron it without a cloth over it, it burns! It's slightly scorched, but it doesn't show too much!!

This is a pattern I've knitted lots of times, in several sizes.  It takes just a coupe of days to knit.

18 December 2011

Xmas Gift Tags

I made these gift tags last week.  I sat down to wrap some Xmas presents, but didn't want to use my tired old self-adhesive tags ...

(One layer of green paper, and one layer of cream, with a tree punched out in the centre.)

29 April 2011

Sunflower Cake

Haven't posted anything for ages.  I baked this sunflower cake last night.  I only had 3 eggs, so the silicon mould was only half full, and it would have looked much better if it had been thicker.  Next time I need to use 4 or 5 eggs ...  It tasted OK, but it was crunchy on the outside and a tiny bit undercooked right in the centre.  

27 August 2010

1:48 Scale Money Boxes

I got these two kits from Petite Properties on Monday, and started to assemble them that same night. I've since painted the interiors (black) and the door and window frames in antique white.

These two buildings are actually money boxes! I'm going to make them up to use as money boxes, but I want to cover up the doors and windows so you can't see the coins inside, and also to keep the dust out.

They are in 1:48 scale. They're called Pennypinchers Cottage and Miniature Savings Bank.

20 August 2010

More Cupcakes

Baked these today. Decided to keep them nice and simple, so I just put a little blob of icing on the top and some sprinkles. Wanted to use this stand I bought on eBay ... but it's so wobbly - the top bit doesn't screw on properly!