27 August 2010

1:48 Scale Money Boxes

I got these two kits from Petite Properties on Monday, and started to assemble them that same night. I've since painted the interiors (black) and the door and window frames in antique white.

These two buildings are actually money boxes! I'm going to make them up to use as money boxes, but I want to cover up the doors and windows so you can't see the coins inside, and also to keep the dust out.

They are in 1:48 scale. They're called Pennypinchers Cottage and Miniature Savings Bank.

20 August 2010

More Cupcakes

Baked these today. Decided to keep them nice and simple, so I just put a little blob of icing on the top and some sprinkles. Wanted to use this stand I bought on eBay ... but it's so wobbly - the top bit doesn't screw on properly!

16 August 2010


I came across a box of miniature kits this afternoon, and quickly put these three together. The tapestry stand is going in the haberdashery shop and the two shelf units will go in one of the shops - not sure which.

I will paint the shelves when I know where they're going to go, but I may leave the tapestry stand as it is.

06 August 2010

Sandwich Cake!

Here's another cake I baked today. Wanted to try out this Cakewich silicone mould I bought on eBay. It really does look like (an oversized) sandwich!

The plate the cake is on is a dinner plate.

02 August 2010

A Kitten's Tale BOM

These are the patterns and fabrics for the A Kitten's Tale BOM, designed by Lynette Anderson. I've printed out the applique pieces on freezer paper now and would love to start on this project ... but it's so hot at the moment, and I can't do anything. It always annoys me - I have all this extra time during summer hours (when I'm home by 3.00 pm), but it's always so hot that I spend the time sitting in front of the fan, sweating and wishing that summer was over! If I had it my way I would have summer hours in the winter instead!!

So I have plenty to get on with during the cooler months. It's frustrating then that when it does start to cool down, soon after it also gets darker earlier in the day, and before I know it, by the time I get home I have to close the shutters and turn the lights on!

OK, that's enough grumbling for one day ...


A different sort of make today. I bought these silicone teacup cupcakes moulds on eBay and couldn't wait to use them - although I've had them for over a week now ... Today wasn't the best day to bake cupcakes though, because it was so HOT!!

I think they turned out OK ... and the icing wasn't too bad - some cupcakes looked nicer than others though!

I made butter icing to top the cupcakes, but would like to try something less sickly sweet next time.

I ate 3 cupcakes and gave the rest away ...